Monday, 2 January 2012


The foundation is firm.

Canadian Junior Nationals, Winnipeg, Manitoba: we took 4 athletes to Nationals and came home with 1 gold and 3 bronze medals and a new sense of enthusiasm.


(Left to right, Andus Lau, Emily Lee, Crystal Chan, Stephanie Lo, Akmal Farah)

Not only did our athletes gain experience and a grasp for National level competition, but they also managed to find time for a science experiments. After our pasta dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, some of the athletes and their parents got some hot water and in the freezing temperatures of Winnipeg tossed the water in the air to watch it evaporate into thin air. Yes we made instant fog, much like this youtube clip.

OUR FOCUS:  After coming back from Nationals, our athletes had a new sense of determination.  Every month we decided to participate participate in a different tournament in order increase our ring experience.  By fighting new competitors, different arenas and determining our strengths and weaknesses. After each competition the coaches would get together and analyse our competitors and apply the lessons in the next training sessions. As time went on, our competition team grew. More and more individuals took up the challenge to compete as they realized the excitement of Taekwondo competition, is unlike anything else.

But I am lucky to be surrounded by two amazing coaches, Ali Ghafour and Dominique Bosshart.

Master Dominique Bosshart
Master Ali Ghafour

 They are not only coaches but have international and Olympic competition experience. Their dedication and passion coupled with the love for the sport and competition is woven into each one of our athletes.  Their continued mentoring and training has dramatically improved the level of our competitors who continue to strive and learn from some of the best.


While our collective training, mentoring and hard work was destined for great rewards, it is impossible to achieve anything without teamwork.  Therefore, it seemed Summer Camp was the perfect opportunity to build relations and glue our team together.  The weather was hot, the training was intense and it becomes very difficult to get through these sessions without some fun, motivation and a united effort.

The morning training consisted of plymetrics and cardio work at the local park.  It would start from 9 am by walking to the park and consisted of sprints and many laps around the football field.  In the end of this gruelling exercise they were rewarded with 15 minutes of playtime at the playground, though, many took advantage of this opportunity to rest by sleeping on slides and monkey bars while others sat on horses and swings without much energy to go back and forth. 
Omayd finding comfort
Stephanie taking a nap
Everyone working hard
Cristian telling a story
Logan waiting

Although, it may seem rough but they were actually conserving their energy for the “torture master” and strength & conditioning coach Ray Ortiz. 
 coach Ray working with our athletes

In the afternoon our training consisted of watching motivational movies, and taekwondo drills.  While all our activities were fun productive and exciting, nothing was more entertaining than our dance off competitions. 

Omayd showing kasey the stepping drills
Tyler showing off his flexibility

It all started with jokes of Justin beiber and how certain teammates were big “Beliebers”.  As a result of constant nagging and bickering between friends, they were told they had to dance to the tunes of one of Beiber’s smash hits.  They were split into two teams where they would choreograph their own dance moves and the winners of the contest would have to perform at our next Annual Authentic BBQ.  

While at each local tournament the outcomes were the same, quality of our fights were improving.  Everyone competed with integrity, sportsmanship and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.  In preparation for Nationals our journey led us for a weekend of training in Montreal.  With our gracious hosts, Master Micheal Bellanger and Master Rejean Sergerie inviting us to train with their team of young and dedicated athletes.  It was a pleasant atmosphere and it was nice to see other young athletes who share the same a similar passion. 
Tyler Lam
Gianluca Battist



I believe 2011 was the building phase of a young, strong and cohesive team.  While the developing process is never ending we, at authentic taekwondo, have built a strong foundation to prepare us, with great anticipation for New Year.

Here is a sneak peak into the next generation of Authentic Taekwondo competitors…

to 2012 and more memorable moments...

Crystal refereeing giants