Tuesday, 1 January 2013

What is Authentic Taekwondo about?

Recently I've been getting a lot of question about why I dont post our results from Tournaments... for example how many medals we won and so on...

I realize that this would be great marketing strategy and perhaps I should take advantage of it, however, at the same time it puts into question, what Authentic Taekwondo is all about.  Are we all about medals and winning, surely we take great pride in achieving our success but what if we continue to win lots of medals but there is no sense of satisfaction.  I've witnessed on many instances where people are on the podium but there is no satisfaction in the way that they competed.  At the same time, I've seen people lose matches, but depending on their performance they feel as though, they've actually won.  So in theory as well as practice we focus on performance as a club as a coach and as individuals.

For example, when we focus on performing certain drills and we execute them in tournaments, to me that is success.  When a students goes beyond what they thought they were capable of doing, to me that is success.  So going back to our school philosophy, we consider our training and success as character building ... rather than medals.  

Another example of character building was in full display at the Toronto Open on Nov 10-11, 2012. We won many medals, from gold to silver and bronze but the moments that stood out for me as true successes were for example my young color belt student Tiffany, 8 years old.  When Tiffany was first planning on joining Taekwondo, she had no courage to participate in a Taekwondo class.  With her patient parents sitting with her outside the classroom for almost 3 weeks until she finally decided to join the class.  So for a girl who took 3 weeks off just sitting outside class, to coming to one of the biggest Taekwondo events in Ontario and not only win medals but finish matches with determination and focus, speaks volumes of the type of program we run.  We care about our people's development as individuals more so than their success on the podium.  We not only want to help people become Taekwondo champions but also improve their quality of life.

We have instructors that are among world leaders in Taekwondo and other professions.  They have reached great heights in their professional life as well as athletic.  We, the instructors, believe that the lessons in sport are synonomous to challenges we face in the real world.  Although, the lessons are condensed, it very well prepares you to face them all head on.  Nothing is too great or too simple to overlook but with the right people around all you need is timing, planning and executing.